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Anita Soelver

Anita Soelver


Anita works full time as a freelance illustrator. She has a strong passion for children related projects, so she was all over it when Patrick suggested that they should team up to create children’s books together.

You can see more of Anita’s work at

Patrick Stemp

Patrick Stemp


Patrick loves words and telling stories. He writes for both adults and children. Creating for children allows him to share fun and funny stories with young people, and to work with an amazing illustrator to share their vision of a world that will excite and entertain.

You can find out more about Patrick at

Our Origin Story

In June 2014, Patrick launched the To Be Read podcast with two other authors. One of the other guys had brought Anita in to create the show card – which is still in use today. We exchanged a few emails while working out the details on that project.

I (Patrick) was immediately impressed by Anita. Not just the finished product, but the process. She was a dream to work with. She was open to suggestion, quick to reply, but was clearly the expert when it came to the design. A month later, I asked her to design a logo for my publishing imprint, Stirling Bay.

As fans of the Self Publishing Podcast, and backers of the “Fiction Unboxed” Kickstarter campaign, we kept bumping into each other in various forums and community comment sections. I knew I wanted to work with Anita on something in the future, and told her as much, but neither of us had anything in mind.

In January of 2015, I was listening to an episode of Joanna Penn’s “Creative Penn” podcast where she was discussing the Kindle Kid’s Book Creator software. The software had been out since Fall of the previous year, but I hadn’t heard of it until then.

On January 19th, I emailed Anita simply to ask if she’d heard of the program. She had, and had already played around with it a bit. She was involved in a few projects for another children’s author, and one of her own. On the 21st, I sent Anita another message, a brain dump of all the things we could do as a team – a writer and an illustrator who wanted to break into the children’s book market.

Things were pretty much decided when the response I received from Anita had the subject line: “Running around my desk screaming!” We both want to be independent, working for ourselves. But Anita has clients, and I have a day job, so we decided to fit this new project in when we could since it won’t pay the bills for a while.

By the end of January, after a bit of brainstorming, we had our company name, website, and ideas for our first book. By April, “The Lonely Snowflake” was done and published, and we got to work on book two: “The New Cat”.

At the end of our first year we have two books published and several more on the way. We have dozens of ideas in the bank, and enough work to keep us busy for years to come.

From our humble beginnings as two people separated by thousands of miles and an ocean, brought together by a shared desire to create stories and art, we’ve started something here that we hope will continue to grow and mature, and we’re so happy to have our readers along for the ride.

Keep burping!

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