Here’s this week’s Wednesday Story:

Bird Feed - a short story by Patrick S. Stemp and Anita Soelver

Bird Feed

I like feeding the birds down at the river.
Ducks and geese and swans.
Bread hurts their little bellies,
So we feed them cracked corn and pumpkin seeds,
Roast beef with mashed potatoes,
and chocolate sundaes for dessert.

Written by Patrick S. Stemp
Illustrated by Anita Soelver

Patrick's thoughts

Why do people think that processed food like bread – meant for humans – is OK to feed to wild animals?

Because that’s what our grandparents did, and our parents, and they passed it on to us.

It’s like the story of the monkeys with the ladder and the bananas. (Google it.)

Heck, most of the garbage we eat probably isn’t fit for human consumption anyway. Put what you want in your body, but we have to protect the animals from themselves, and us.

Anita's thoughts

I love the silliness in this short story, along with the more serious topic, and had a lot of fun illustrating it.

Wasn’t quite sure of how I’d get the mashed potatoes and roast beef presented to the birds at first, but then I thought of how I’d serve food if I had to do it on water without throwing it in. And of course. I’d have a little floater tray. Obviously! 😀 (I searched to see if it was possible to buy such a thing while I was writing this, and there’s a wide variety of choices. Who knew?)

Anyway – carry on. Bring your local birds healthy snacks next time you see them. Like cracked corn and pumpkin seeds 🙂

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