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The Great Escape (Goblin and Pig #1) by Patrick S. Stemp & Anita Soelver

Coloring fun for the whole family
50 different illustrations.

A varied collection ranging from very simple illustration to complex mandalas.

The illustrations are single sided, with a blank page on the opposite side. The coloring pages are also available for free on our website, if you want to print them out yourself.

The New Cat by Patrick S. Stemp & Anita Soelver

The New Cat

Cat is the queen of her castle. She loves playing with her catnip ball, chasing shadows, and eating fish. But a new cat is brought into the home, and for some reason, he isn’t interested in any of the same things.

Can Cat and New Cat overcome their differences and become friends?

The Great Escape (Goblin and Pig #1) by Patrick S. Stemp & Anita Soelver

The Pot of Gold (Goblin and Pig #2)

After escaping the farm in their first adventure, Gobbler and Percy are off on their own.

When they find a mysterious pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, Percy thinks they should leave it alone.

But Gobbler has a knack for getting into trouble, and he finds enough for both of them in the second book of the adventures of Goblin and Pig!

The Lonely Snowflake by Patrick S. Stemp & Anita Soelver

The Lonely Snowflake

Snowflake is trying to find a friend who looks just like her. But all snowflakes are unique, and she is worried that she’ll never find someone exactly like her to be her friend.

The Great Escape (Goblin and Pig #1) by Patrick S. Stemp & Anita Soelver

The Great Escape (Goblin and Pig #1)

Percy the pig is enjoying a game of tag with his friends when someone steals all of the eggs out of the chicken coop. Who is the dark creature that Percy saw sneaking into the barn? While the farmer tries to discover who stole his eggs, Percy meets a new friend.

This is the first book in a series from Frogburps all about friendship, adventure, and fun.

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