Here’s this week’s Wednesday Story:

Chipmunk Trampoline - a short story by Patrick S. Stemp and Anita Soelver

Chipmunk Trampoline

Chipmunks on a trampoline challenge each other to try tricks until the true champion is chosen.

Written by Patrick S. Stemp
Illustrated by Anita Soelver

Patrick's thoughts

I was playing with CH and TR sounds here. There’s even a GE that get its turn when the words are rolling off the tongue.

Sometimes you have to read these out loud!

As always, Anita nailed the illustration.

Anita's thoughts

I actually had chipmunks when I was younger. They were adorable, but also Houdini-like creatures. They would break out of their cage, and I would spend a lot of time hunting them in the apartment. I bet they had a ton of fun with that hide and seek game, but it got old pretty fast. Perhaps they should have had a trampoline 😉

This wonderfully silly story appealed to me a lot! Maybe because I’m such a silly person with a great love for goofy stuff. My imagination sometimes runs wild, but this time it was all served up and ready to go. I just had to fill in the blanks.

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