Hey there Burpers!

We’re done work on our second book and over the next week or so we’ll be dropping it into all of the stores – Amazon, KOBO, Google Play, iBooks, and anywhere else I may be forgetting. There are a few we’re not sure we can get into due to silly restrictions based on where we live, but we might be able to slide in through a third party. We also need to complete work on the paperback. Based on the great job CreateSpace did with The Lonely Snowflake, I can’t wait to hold this one in my hands.

I smiled ear to ear reading the final copy of this story. Anita’s illustrations are so alive and expressive, it makes me giggle with joy to see these characters come to life.

So – the cover:

The New Cat by Patrick Stemp & Anita Soelver


Just looking at that makes me smile, because I know what’s inside.

If you’d like to see what’s inside, and would like a review copy, please let us know. Reviews are awesome, and we need as many as we can get!

Just send us an email, or PM on Facebook, or a Tweet, or owl messenger, sometime over the next week or two and we’ll get you a copy in your preferred digital format (PDF/MOBI/EPUB).

We hope you and your kids will love The New Cat as much as we do.

Patrick and Anita

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