We wanted to add an illustration to the top of the page for our books here on the site, to promote the possibility to buy directly from us.  

We know that buying direct is a hurdle, but we still want to leave that possibility open to true fans who also possesses the know-how about side loading. For those who’ve never tried it before, it might be a daunting task to transfer files manually to their devices. And to make it even more interesting; The Kindle version does not work if side loaded on an iPad, but the epub does, so it will work on every device and platform – even if you want to read the files in your browser – but it clearly demands more from the reader than just buying the book on Amazon, Kobo, iBooks etc.

But if our readers buy directly from us, they support us with a bigger piece of the cake, simply because we don’t have to share with any of the platforms you normally buy your books on. We have the opportunity to show those readers some more love too. Over time we will add small bonuses to these book packages, like exclusive coloring pages, audio files, printables and more. Since we’re controlling that sale, we can add all sorts of files, not just the book.

But enough about the background for selling direct.

Below you’ll find the video with lineart and coloring process for that illustration.
You can see the illustration live on our site right here.

Enjoy – and keep burping!

Anita (and Patrick)


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