We have shifted our short stories into a more focused area. We are going to create a short story for each letter in the alphabet, which of course wouldn’t be very funny, unless there was set some sort of theme for it. And we have a theme! It’s the alliterative alphabet.

I was just thinking back to how this came about.

In July, while Patrick was on holiday – or just before – I wrote him and said that if he got bored during his vacation, he could write me a list of words to use for alphabet coloring pages. He just had to pick a theme, and also try to think of something that would be fun to illustrate. Like fruit, animals or something like that.

Two minutes later, Patrick answers to my message, with just one word: “Alliteration”.

And within 10 minutes, he had come up with some basic examples for this, and it became clear that we would have to do more than coloring pages with that alphabet. So we discussed back and forth what we could do, and we quickly agreed that we would make a book, and also create a coloring book companion for it.

Every short story will be published for free here on the site. A new one will come out each month on the 15th. The coloring pages will be sent out to our newsletter subscribers as pdf’s, so you can get everything for free.

We hope that some of you will love it so much, that you’ll buy the book when it comes out.
If you want to support us in other ways, you can most certainly do it by sharing a post from our site or spread the words about our books. Or just say hi in the comments 🙂

We’re looking forward to the journey we have just started with the letter A, and hope that you’ll follow along with us, and enjoy all the alliterative stories that are coming your way. I’m certainly excited to see what Patrick comes up with – I never know what I’ll illustrate next month.

So below, you’ll find the video I recorded while doing the first illustration for this new book.
Read the short story for A right here.

Enjoy! And keep burping.


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