We have so many things going on, that I was afraid that this illustration would suffer and all my scattered brain parts would be all over it. But fortunately, it ended on a happier note than that.

My iguanas perhaps ended up a little too much like the salamanders I did earlier, because their distinctive spikes down the back are hidden under clothes.

We will probably try to turn this one into a full blown book at some point, and then I’ll have to consider whether their spikes should go through the clothes or not. I don’t think that’ll be particularly appealing to look at, so I might just justify that as part of creative freedom. Time will tell.

But if you’re curious to see how this illustration came to life, then check out the video below.
If you haven’t done so already, you can read the story right here.

About the Alliterative Alphabet:

When we’re all done, we will publish the full alphabet in a beautiful book, and there will be a coloring book companion as well. But you can read the full book here for free!

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