Curious to see how tame tigers and toucans came to life for T in our upcoming “An Amazing and Almost Always Accurate Alliterative Alphabet”-book? Then you’re in luck, just watch the video below.

I loved how all the orange came together, and gave this spread a lovely distinctive feel. I can only cross my fingers that the rest of the alphabet will work out just as well. And that Patrick can keep coming up with such great words. I really have a ton of fun with these, and I’m already excited to see what he’ll deliver for October’s letter.

If you’re new to our alliterative alphabet, here’s a short intro:

We are going to create a short story for each letter in the alphabet, which of course wouldn’t be very funny, unless there was set some sort of theme for it. And we have a theme! It’s the alliterative alphabet.

Every short story will be published for free here on the site. A new one will come out each month on the 15th.

The will also be a coloring book version of the book. If you’d like to get the coloring book pages before the book is published, you can get them through our newsletter for FREE – exclusive for subscribers.

We hope that some of you will love it so much, that you’ll buy the book when it comes out.
If you want to support us in other ways, you can most certainly do it by sharing a post from our site or spread the words about our books. Or just say hi in the comments :)

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