The books we read and the shows we watch when we are very young stick with us for the rest of our lives.

Let your childhood influences lead the wayThey slip away over time, but once in a while they come at you out of nowhere decades later.

We have at least three projects in the works at FrogBurps, but no matter how much is on the go, I’m always looking for new ideas. It doesn’t hurt to have some in the bank.

This past weekend I was casting around for some nuggets that could become a new story. Maybe a book that features anthropomorphic toiletries? Nah, that’s stupid. Except it’s really not.

I try to catch myself having negative thoughts because they’re toxic. Why did I think that idea had no value? Anything can be a story if it’s treated properly.

In sorting through the negativity, I suddenly remembered growing up with exactly that premise and loving it.

And that brought forth a collection of memories from my early years in the 1970s. I haven’t thought about these shows in years, but in taking a moment to examine one negative thought, they came rushing back to me over the space of a few hours of happy reflection. Ah, the good old days.

The books we read and the shows we watch as kids stick with us for the rest of our lives. Click To Tweet

Do you remember these? What shows did you watch during your formative years?

The Electric Company

Is that a young Morgan Freeman and Bill Cosby? Why yes, it is! Morgan seems a little unsure of himself here.


The Toothbrush Family

This is the one that started me on my mental journey this weekend. Crazy, man.


Remember these blobs? Apparently they were French. I remember watching them in English, but can’t find any good clips.


The Hilarious House of Frightenstein

Vincent Price! This was a Canadian show produced in Hamilton. There were so many great characters. I think Frightenstein should have creeped me the heck out, but I have fond memories of this one. Dancing Igor will make you blind.

Tales of the Riverbank: Hammy Hamster

One of my all time favorites, and a lesson in not digging too deep into the past. These poor animals were not treated well after the show finished airing.

Captain Kangaroo

Good morning, Captain.

The Muppets

This song still resonates today!

Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings

Wow, this one didn’t come to me until I started seeking out clips for some of the others. And it has something in common with a story I’m working on now!

The Adventures of Jeremy

Check out the animation. This was another French program (Colargol) dubbed in English by TVOntario.

Fraggle Rock

This is probably the last of my early childhood shows. It was the early 80s and would soon be time to move on up to shows like M.A.S.H, WKRP, The Greatest American Hero, and The Fall Guy.

Keep burping!


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