I spelled “Blog” wrong. I was typing on my phone and I always fat finger these things. They haven’t invented a mobile keyboard yet that works for me.

“FrogBurps Blob” sounds kind of cool though. Try saying it five times fast and you’ll understand what we’re going through right now.

Last week we talked about living in two worlds. Well, the real world tends to intrude on our creative plans, and both Anita and I would love to curl up for a month or so and wait out the insanity, but it doesn’t work that way.

Anita is in the middle of a move, and taking on lots of client work to keep the lights on. I’m working on some adult fiction, and gearing up for National Novel Writing Month in November.

In the meantime, we continue to work on our next children’s book, “Goblin and Pig”. Our Alliterative Alphabet is coming along – hopefully you’ve seen our letters – we release one each month. Anita pumps out a new coloring page every Friday, and we try to come up with something interesting to talk about for our Wednesday blob post.

We’ve fallen a bit behind our ideal schedule, but that’s the way these things go when you’re starting out and effectively working two full time jobs each.

Thankfully, we take a long view to the work, and have each other for encouragement and inspiration.

Keep blobbing!

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