The Lonely Snowflake going wide

While “The Lonely Snowflake” languishes in Select, and we work on our new book, “The New Cat”, we’ve been talking about the importance of going far and wide.

While we didn’t expect Select to be a silver bullet that rocketed us to the top of the charts, the benefits do not appear to outweigh the downside of being exclusive. We were able to confirm that a book is only locked into Select for a single language, which enabled us to put our Il Fiocco di Neve Solitario – Italian e-book version available on Amazon out there early. We’re still working on other translations – German, French, and Spanish being the big three.

We are ready to enter the other stores – Kobo, Google Play, Apple – but can’t until we exit Select.

The New CatWe’ve made the decision to go far (around the world) and wide (in as many stores as possible) with all of our future books. Neither of us like exclusivity as a rule, but we wanted to at least see how the machine worked. Amazon is great, but not so great as to make it worthwhile to ignore all of the other fantastic opportunities out there.

Another decision we’ve made relates to our translations. We’re going to make sure they’re all available worldwide. We think it’s a mistake to only put the Italian translation in Italy.

So, every book we publish going forward should be available worldwide, across every major store (unless we miss one – is B&N still a thing?).

If you want to experience time slowing down to a crawl, enroll a book in Select and see how 90 days feels. It’s slowed us down, but was a worthwhile experiment. One that we’ve learned from.

Our next book, “The New Cat”, is due in late June and we can’t wait to get it out to the world.

Keep burping!

Patrick and Anita

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