Here’s this week’s Wednesday Story:

Frogburps - a short story by Patrick S. Stemp and Anita Soelver


Froggy on his lily pad,
Catching flies all day.
But if he swallows too much air,
He burps and sails away.

Written by Patrick S. Stemp
Illustrated by Anita Soelver

Patrick's thoughts

This may have been funnier if I’d written it coming out the other end.

But this is Frogburps after all, and while the other way may have gotten a chuckle, it could scare some parents away.

I can pretend that’s what the little guy on shore is doing. That’s why he’s making that face. It’s a squeaker!

In a lot of ways, I’m still 12.

Anita's thoughts

I could easily imagine a little animation of this one – if only I could animate.

Also sometimes wish I could color these, but since we’re going with black and white for these Tiny Burps, I’ll have to make do with the chosen medium. And that is also a good thing. Working within certain boundaries. It makes you work more creatively to make the most of what you have, which is the greyscale and values.

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