Our first coloring book!

We have been producing lots of free coloring pages since we launched Frogburps, and now we’ve gathered a bunch of them into a paperback coloring book.

Do people still have printers in their homes? Anita does, but it’s a big industrial thing for her art. Patrick might have one in the basement, but it’s covered in dust and the ink is probably dry.

You can always find these images on our site and print them one at a time, or you can order a copy of the collection and get the first batch all at once!

We hope you enjoy our first coloring book.


Since this is a coloring book, we’re only selling it in paperback (or you could print them one at a time for free right here on our site):

Paperback on CreateSpace
Paperback on Amazon

Adult coloring books have been all the rage over the past couple of years. Grab a copy of our first kid’s coloring book today, and enjoy this wonderful activity as a family!

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Keep burping,

Patrick and Anita.

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