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You might not know this, but reviews are a big deal in the publishing world.

Especially in the self-publishing department << That’s us!

Many read self-published books, and enjoy them a lot, but don’t think to leave a review. Actually, we’ve heard that only 1% of all readers leave a review. We understand that everyone’s busy, and we truly appreciate the fact, that you read one of our books in the first place. So thank you so much!

But since reviews are a big part of our bread and butter, we are looking for our 1%. And there’s a great chance that you are in fact one of our 1%, since you’ve clicked the link to come here.

We are looking for parents who will review our books when they come out.

We’ll send you special updates – only for our review team members – with info and pictures of what we’re working on, so you’ll know when a book is being made. You’ll get each new book in advance, so you have time to read it with your children.

We’ll let you know when the book is being published, and then ask you to leave a review as soon after publication as possible. This will help us get visible in the online stores.

If you made it this far, you might be ready to be on our team. If you are, then subscribe below.
We’ll be so happy to have you on board.