Here’s this week’s Wednesday Story:

Mermaid Home Decor | A short story from Frogburps

Mermaid Home Decor

Mermaids tour the deep waters
Looking for sunken ships.
They swim through dark corridors,
Picking out furniture that’s not rusted,
And plates without chips.

Written by Patrick S. Stemp
Illustrated by Anita Soelver

Patrick's thoughts


In hunting around for a new idea, I wanted to put Anita in a location we hadn’t touched before. So, here we are under the deep blue sea.

I had also been reading something about the recently discovered wreck of a WW2 boat and that planted the seed for the rest.

How do mermaids furnish their homes? It’s pretty obvious when you think about it.

Anita's thoughts


As a huge Disney fan, it’s hard not to let your mind wander to “The Little Mermaid” in the famous Disney-version, when I’m illustrating a story like this. The Disney version is probably more well known than the original story by H.C. Andersen it’s based on, which is rather dark, as I remember it.

I must admit, that although I probably should prefer the original (being a Dane and all that), I’m too much of a Disney freak, to not prefer their version. I tried not to be too influenced by it in style though, and worked hard to make the mermaids our own. I think I managed. What do you think?

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