Here’s this week’s Wednesday Story:

Springtime | A short story from Frogburps


Spring can be a little strange
The sun was shining a minute ago
I dressed in shoes and shorts
What’s with all the sudden snow?

Written by Patrick S. Stemp
Illustrated by Anita Soelver

Patrick's thoughts

This is what I’m living now for sure. And not just day to day, it changes hour by hour. Normal for Spring, but annoying.

You put on your winter coat in the morning, and when you step outside in the afternoon it’s 20 degrees (celsius) outside and the sun is shining.

Winter makes me tense and my shoulders end up around my ears for six months. We only really have two seasons here – Winter and Summer. True Spring and Fall come and go in the blink of an eye.

One day the trees are green. The next all the leaves have changed color and fallen. One day the trees are bare. Then they bloom and bud in a weekend. And then it snows again. At least the days are getting longer, and we have daylight past dinner time again.

Anita's thoughts

This is spring as I know it. When I think winter is definitely over and spring is here, it’ll snow. That’s just how it is. Used to drive me nuts.

It doesn’t bother me much anymore, but perhaps it will in the future, because now I have a garden for the first time in 18 years or so. And I don’t know the first thing about gardens, but I’m trying to learn a bit, so it can look decent. But trying to learn something new like that, also means that I have to know when to plant stuff, cut stuff, make sure that no more frost is coming before doing other stuff etc. I’m already confused, and will make a fast retreat inside to my Cintiq whenever the slightest sign of rain appears. Because I know how my Cintiq works!

Fingers crossed that it won’t snow anymore this year, because my peas and potatoes are already planted 😉

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