We’re officially launching a long term project here at FrogBurps.

It’s the “Amazing and Almost Always Accurate Alliterative Alphabet”

An Amazing and Almost Always Accurate Alliterative Alphabet by Frogburps

We’re going to let this project take over the monthly shorts we’ve been running on the 15th, from now until the project is complete. For the next 26 months, starting this Saturday, we’ll publish one page (one letter) of our alphabet book.

While that is an exceptionally long time to write one book, let alone an alphabet book, we want to take our time with this one. They’re going to be a challenge to write, and Anita’s illustrations will bring them to life. One of the challenges is to avoid helper words as much as possible. These would be words like: I, and, the, to, if, be, do, he, she, or, but. The list goes on. That’s going to be tough with letters like X, or Z – but we’re going to see what we can come up with.

We’re not going to run through the alphabet in order, but we promise the final book will be from A to Z!
Once we’re done (in two years!), we’ll release the full color book, along with a companion coloring and activity book to go with it.

Longest. Project. Ever.

Stay tuned for the letter A on the 15th (Saturday) and subsequent letters once a month.

And keep burping!


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