It’s finally here!

Our newest book is out today and we think your young ones will love it.

Percy the pig is enjoying a game of tag with his friends when someone steals all of the eggs out of the chicken coop.

Who is the dark creature that Percy saw sneaking into the barn?

While the farmer tries to discover who stole his eggs, Percy meets a new friend.

This is book one in our first series. Follow along as Gobbler and Percy have wild adventures and learn what it means to be a true friend.

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We’re already hard at work on book two in the series: “Goblin and Pig and The Pot of Gold”.

That book will be out in a few months, followed by book three, which is rumored to have pirates!

If there’s one thing these two are great at, it’s getting in trouble.

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Keep burping,

Patrick and Anita.

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