The Lonely Snowflake by Patrick S. Stemp & Anita Soelver

On March 22nd, 2015, FrogBurps hit the publish button on our first book. We’re exclusively on Amazon for at least 90 days, having enrolled in their “Select” program. That means you can get the book for free if you’re enrolled in Kindle Prime or Kindle Unlimited.

Publishing this book was a huge step for both of us. It’s the first piece of work I’ve put out in any genre. Anita has had other work published as a freelance illustrator for other authors, but this is the first work she owns and had a hand in from the beginning.

Anita and I worked together a twice before we launched this project. About a year ago, she designed a show card for the “To Be Read Podcast” which I co-host each week.


Last summer, she designed a logo for my publishing imprint, “Stirling Bay”, which is the imprint we’ll use for all of the FrogBurps books.


I had been looking for the right opportunity for us to work together on a bigger project. Then, late in 2014, Amazon made it much easier for independents like us to publish children’s books on their platform. I immediately contacted Anita and proposed that we partner up to write for children, and FrogBurps was born within a day!

We have several new books on the way in the coming months. Now that The Lonely Snowflake is done, we’ll start blogging and sending out updates through our newsletter to keep you posted as we get closer to releasing more content!

On behalf of Anita and FrogBurps – welcome, and thank you for being a part of our journey!


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