Greetings burpers,

We’ve been working hard for the last two months and have just released our second book, The New Cat.

The New Cat by Patrick Stemp & Anita SoelverIf you’ve been following along, you will already have seen the videos Anita posted along the way as she worked on the illustrations. I get a kick out of seeing the work come to life as we explore options and pick which character designs we like best.

Every time I read this story I can’t help but smile. Anita brings her images to life with color and the expressiveness on her character’s faces.

We’re going wide with this one, and unless we can find a compelling reason not to, we’ll be wide with everything from here on out! 

If you’d like a review copy of The New Cat (and/or The Lonely Snowflake) please let us know and we’ll get you one in your preferred digital format.

You can also pick up The Lonely Snowflake for FREE for the next few weekends. We’ll send out reminders as we hit our free days, which are June 6-7, 13-14, and 20. After the 20th we’re exiting Select and going wide!

Here is the book page for The New Cat.

Creating this book has been a lot of fun but we have more work to do! The next book is going through a second draft and Anita is getting ready to work her magic. The next story will be first in a series, which is very exciting!

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy The New Cat.

Keep burping!



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