The road ahead

We’re in production mode here at FrogBurps.

Our first book, “The Lonely Snowflake”, was released a week ago and it looks very lonely indeed up there on Amazon all by itself.

While Snowflake sits in the Select program for 90 days, we can’t put it anywhere else. We’re planning to go wide eventually, publishing on other platforms once the 90 days is over, unless we decide to stick with Select for another three months – and that doesn’t seem likely at this point. Going wide means we can also sell our books direct to you right from our website. That’s in the works as well.

We’re not just sitting idle while 90 days ticks by. We’re working on our second book and talking about several other projects. The next story has been written and is in Anita’s hands to be illustrated. We’re still learning and working on our process, but based on Snowflake, Anita’s drawings may cause some changes to the text, and vice versa.

Our next book is called “The New Cat”, and we plan to have it out before Snowflake exits Select.

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Cheers, and keep burping,

Patrick and Anita



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