Here’s this week’s Wednesday Story:

Who Reads Books? | A short story from Frogburps

Who Reads Books?

I was at the library reading a book, when some kids made fun of me.
“Did you see that loser reading? She’ll never get invited to any parties.”
They were using the computers and being loud, until the librarian kicked them out.
I was sad at first. I want to be part of the group.
But if I got kicked out of the library for being rude, who would read all these books?

Written by Patrick S. Stemp
Illustrated by Anita Soelver

Patrick's thoughts

This one is a little sad because it’s based on something I overheard at my local library a few years ago. Some young girls on the way out were talking about one of their school mates. I would have liked to say something to that lonely girl. Maybe I could pass on a word of encouragement. But approaching strange children in the library is not the smartest move in today’s world.

I hope that “loser” keeps reading. I hope she isn’t embarrassed to do the things she enjoys, regardless of what others think or say. Does it get easier as you get older? It can and it should. But for many, it doesn’t. Most adults aren’t doing anything even close to following their dreams. And that’s a shame since we’re living on borrowed time here.

Anita and I are following our passion. There is fear, but we beat it back with a stick, and only concern ourselves with what we think. We hope our work will resonate with someone out there (or a million someones). You should do the same. Be weird. Have fun, and keep burping.

Anita's thoughts

I loved the library as a child. It was so great to walk in there to return the books I’d read since the last visit, and wander around between all those shelves filled with stories, to find the next gem. I especially loved it when I found a new series I liked. To revisit the same characters over and over was pure delight. I sometimes sat on the floor with my head buried in a book, reading as far as I could, while my Mother was in the other end of the library, looking for her next read.

It wasn’t easy to talk about books with my friends, because not many of them read other than what they had to. I still find that true today. Which makes the internet prove itself superior once more. I can go on Goodreads or Amazon and read other people’s reviews of books. Although it’s not quite the same as to discuss a book or series with a friend, it feeds my inner reader, who wants to know what others thought of the book I’ve just read.

So yay, internet! And boo, mean girls who don’t understand the wonderful worlds hidden in all those pages on the shelves.

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